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When to Call Your AC Company for Same Day Repairs

Your Air Conditioner Is Making a lot of Noises Your air conditioner shouldn’t make so much noise that it’s noticeable or creates a disturbance. In fact, your air conditioner should be pretty quiet in general. If your air conditioner is making so much noise that it keeps you up at night, than it’s time to call your air conditioner repairman for service recommends After all, a good air conditioner will not make loud noises.

Your Air Conditioner Is Creating Odors Your air conditioner should not create odors of any variety. In fact, if it does there’s probably something wrong with your air conditioner unit. Depending on the odor, you can pinpoint the issue. If you notice a burning odor, you probably have an electrical problem. If you notice a foul odor, you probably have a pest problem. The good news is your air conditioner repairman will be able to address any type of odors that your air conditioner is creating.

Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Turn On If yo…