How to Save Money on Your Water Bill

Depending on the size of your family, your water bill may be very pricey. The good news is there are ways to lower it. Just try any number of the suggestions in this post and you're on your way to a lower water bill. Good luck.

Water Saving Tips You Can Use Today
  1. Add a water bottle: Fill up a 16 ounce water bottle and put it in the water tank of your toilet. This will decrease the amount of water that get's flushed every time you use your toilet.
  2. Shorter showers please: Are you taking really long showers every day? That's going to be a no go from now if you're serious about lowering your water bill. Take the egg timer from your kitchen and put it in your bathroom. Every time you want to take a shower, set the timer for 5 minutes. When those five minutes are up, so is your shower, so you better hustle and get your hair washed in time. If you need to take a long shower because you need to wash your and shave, then turn off the water when you're shaving and washing your hair. Then turn the water back on when it's time to rinse. 
  3. Don't waste water: There are plenty if times when you have the water when you don't need to. For example, the water doesn't need to be running when you're brushing your teeth or when you're washing your dishes. Turn the water to wet your toothbrush and toothpaste. When you're done brushing those pearly whites, turn the water back on to rinse out your mouth and the sink. Now, when you're washing your dishes, wash everything at once, and then rinse everything you washed at the same time. You'll use a lot less water that way.
  4. Full loads only: You can save a lot of water if you only run your dishwasher and clothes washer with full loads in them. No more half loads anymore please and thank you.
  5. Collect rain water for your garden - It's really easy to collect rain water for your garden. Just put out some five gallon buckets alongside your home and the next time it rains, voila, free water. You can also use water that you boil vegetables or eggs in for your garden. Just let it completely cool down and water your garden with it. You can also use leftover unsweetened tea and coffee on your flowers as well. Just make sure the tea or coffee has no sugar or milk of any kind in it. Your plants won't like that. You'll end up with fungus on your plants if you do that and that's not a money saving proposition. 
  6. No grass lawn:Your grass is costing you plenty of money, so get rid of it. You can put down mulch or river rocks and plant flowers. Then you won't have to water that thirsty emerald whale again. You'll notice a drop in your water bill on your next water bill once you do this.
  7. Stop buying bottles water - It costs more money to buy water, than to use your tap water. So get a filter and start using your own water. Bottled water is very costly(and drys out natural springs), so quit buying it. While this doesn't directly lower your bill, it does lower your overall bills. Since it water related, we're including it. 


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