How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Are you tired of handing over your hard earned cash to the electric company every month. Well, unless you go solar, that's not going to stop anytime soon. However, there are plenty of ways to save money on your electric. Read on to find ways to save money every month.

Tips to Save Money on Your Electric Bill
You can start most of these today and by the end of the month, you'll save some cash. Even if it's only 10 bucks, that $120 dollars at the end of the year. If you don't want it, give it to a charitable fund of your choice.

  • Turn off your water heater - Your water heater doesn't have to run 24/7 for you to have a steady stream of hot water. Turn it off when you go to bed and then turn it on when you wake up in the morning. This can be done on your circuit breaker. Mark it so you know which one to turn on and off, and as always proceed with caution. Safety first everyone. 
  • Unplug it please - The only thing you really need to keep plugged in is your refrigerator and your oven. That's because you need to keep the food in your fridge cold and it would be far to impractical to unplug your stove every day. Mostly everything else can be unplugged when you aren't using it. Here's what we suggest unplugging:
Toaster oven
Record player

If it's easy to unplug and you don't need it plugged in, unplug it to start saving money on your electric bill. 

  • Is the cat getting married? - Whenever you leave a room, turn the light off. You really don't need every light on in your home all day long unless your a shareholder of your local electric company.

  • BBQ it - If you have a good barbecue, why not barbecue your dinner once a week? If you don't think of meals that don't require the oven. Here's a few no cook meals to prepare once a week to save some money on your electric bill:
Fruit soup
Chips and salsa
Hummus and raw veggies

  • Full loads only - Your washer machine, dryer, and dishwasher add some serious dollars and cents to your electric bill. That's why you should always do full loads of laundry and dishes. 

  • Hand wash dishes once a week - If you wash your dishes by hand once a week, you'll save a few bucks on your electric. In fact, if it only takes 2 minutes, wash it by hand every day. 

  • Put a line out - If the weather is nice, consider drying your clothes on a line. Trust us when we tell you that nothing smells better than clothes that have been dried outside. You'll definitely save some cash on your electric bill. 


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