How to Protect the Exterior of Your Home During a New Roof Installation

Getting a new roof installation can be messy business, even if your roofing contractor is immaculate. You just can’t prevent the mess that it creates. After all, before your new roof is installed, the old one has to be removed. That creates a lot of dust and debris. However, you don’t want to rely solely on your roofer to make sure the exterior of your home looks good after your new roof is up. There are things you can take care of now to make sure your home and garden look fine when you’re getting a new roof.

Cover Up Your Garden

You may have a tough garden, but most plants can’t withstand the dust and debris that will come off of your roof during the installation. That’s why you should cover them. Here what to do:

  • Get an ample amount of tarp.
  • You’ll need enough to cover all of your plants.
  • Measure how long and wide your garden is.
  • That’s how much tarp you’ll need.
  • If you can’t get your hands on some tarp, you can use bed sheets, but it won’t be as effective.
  • Put up plastic or wooden stakes around the perimeter of your garden. 
  • Put a couple in the middle of your garden.
  • Lay the tarp or bed sheets over the tarps.
  • Fasten them onto the stakes with rope.
  • Your garden is now covered and will be safe from dust, dirt, and debris from your roof.
Keep Important Outdoor Items Covered

When you’re getting a new roof installed you can never have enough tarp. Here are a few outdoor items you should cover the day before you get a new roof installed:
  1. Swimming pools
  2. Dog houses
  3. Tree houses
  4. Playsets
  5. Hot tubs
  6. Recreational vehicles
  7. Decorative statues
  8. Fountains
  9. Outdoor tables
  10. Outdoor chairs
  11. Barbeque sets
  12. Game equipment
  13. Chicken coops
  14. Laundry lines
  15. Washer machines
  16. Dryers
Basically, you should cover anything in your front yard or backyard that you want to keep safe. If it’s light enough to move easily and you enough room in your home, just bring it inside.

Make Sure Your Garbage Can Is Ready for the Roofers

A lot of garbage is going to be created during the process of getting a new roof. That’s why it’s imperative to make sure your garbage can is empty the day of your new roof installation. Believe us when we tell you, your roofer is going to need that garbage can. They may bring a few of their own, but an extra empty garbage can will make the job go a lot more smoothly. Just take you garbage bags to the side of the road on garbage day so you garbage can is free for use on the day on your new roof installation. Your roofer will surely thank you.

Protect Your Feet

No roofer is going to be able to find every single nail that falls off of your roof. That’s you need to get your hands on a metal detector. It can take a few days to totally replace a roof and nails can fall down every day. If you have a metal detector you can sweep your yard every day for fallen nails. This will keep your feet nice and safe.

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