How to Keep Your Toilet Clog Free

Are you sick of plunging your toilet 24/7? Well, if you find yourself with a constantly clogged toilet, you're probably treating your toilet like a garbage can. Here's a helpful list of what you shouldn't ever flush down your toilet.

Don't Flush These Items Down Your Toilet

  1. Paper towels - You may be out of toilet paper, but paper towels will clog your toilet. If you need to use them, put them in a plastic grocery bad and throw them away in the dumpster. 
  2. Tampons - These are going to bunch up in your pipes and make a big clog. 
  3. Sanitary napkins - These are going to soak up water and make a tremendous clog. 
  4. Used condoms - These puppies are going to balloon up and laugh at you when you try to flush your toilet. 
  5. Cotton balls - Not only do they absorb makeup, they absorb water and clog your toilet. 
  6. Q-tips - Great for cleaning your ears, nose, and belly button. Not so good if you ever want to flush your toilet anytime in the near future. 
  7. Floss - One piece of floss will start a fun little group with a few pieces of other floss and clog your toilet. 
  8. Hair - Same idea as floss. They love to ball up and make going to the bathroom a memorable experience for all of the wrong reasons. 
  9. Cigarettes - It's ok to put your butt on the toilet, but keep those ciggie butts out of the toilet thank you very much. The Marlboro Man didn't die for you to go and clog your toilet. 
  10. Kitty litter - Bring that kitty litter to the dumpster. It will clog your toilet and if it's clay based you have to replace your pipe if your flush down enough. 
  11. Clay - Clay is fun to work with when you're doing an art project, but it you pour it down your toilet you'll never flush your toilet again. Seriously, you'll have to replace your pipe. 
  12. Nails - Clip your nails outside and keep your toilet free of clogs. 
  13. Food - Don't put leftoever in your toilet. They'll mush up and stop you from having a peaceful time in the loo. 
  14. Paper - You may have some papers you want to burn, but they'll clog your toilet. Shred them instead and throw them in the trash. 
  15. Baby wipes - Wipes clog toilet and belong in the trash. 
  16. Sanitary wipes - These wipes also clog toilets. Please keep them out of your toilet. 
All of the above items will cause a clog in your pipes sooner or later, so your're better off throwing them in the garbage. If you don't have a trash bin in your bathroom, put one in it now. Then the next time you retire to the powder room, you won't be tempted to throw a bunch of garbage in your toilet. If you don't have a garbage bin for your bathroom start by putting a plastic grocery bad on your bathroom doorknob until you can get to the store and buy one. 

No, Don't Flush It
Just because a product is labeled as flushable, doesn't mean that it won't clog your toilet in a heartbeat. Your kitty litter and tampons may flushable, but don't take the risk. If your toilet gets clogged they aren't going to pay the bill for the plumber. The only things that should ever go in your toilet are toilet paper and anything that comes out of your beautiful body. 


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