How to Keep Your Home Bug Free

Are you tired of laying out bug traps in your home? Are you sick of seeing ants in your kitchen in the morning? Do you want to part company with the roaches that keep you company at night? If you follow the simple steps in this article, you'll significantly decrease the amount of creepy crawlers in your home.

How to Kick the Bugs Out

  1. Put your leftovers away - When you're done eating anything, put it in the refrigerator immediately. If you leave food out on your counter overnight you will attract bugs.
  2. No dishes after sundown - When you're done eating for the day, you need to wash all of your dishes. A sinkful of dirty dishes left out overnight is a bug's wet dream. Just make all of your dishes are clean at the end of every night.
  3. Dry before you put away - Bugs are attracted to water. That's why you need to dry everything before you put it away. Keep those bugs thirsty.
  4. Keep your garbage small - You don't need a big garbage bin in your kitchen. Not only will you stink up your home, you won't need to empty it every day. All of that garbage is a 24 hour buffet for bugs and you're not running a Carnival Cruise for bugs in your kitchen. Get a small garbage bin that you have to empty every day.
  5. Wipe down your kitchen counters daily - When you're done cooking for the day, make sure to wipe down your kitchen counters. You don't want to leave out anything for the bugs.
  6. Don't eat in bed - Unless you enjoy the light touch of roaches crawling on your legs at night, don't eat in your bed. You'll get crumbs in your bedroom and the bugs will be sure to follow. If you want to eat somewhere other than your dining room table, go eat your dinner at a park and share some of the food with the birds and squirrels. 
  7. Vacuum everyday - This will keep your home clean and you may suck up some bugs in the process. 
As you can, the main things to keep in mind is to keep food and water away from the bugs. If you follow these tips, you should start seeing a lot less bugs. If you have an infestation you can try using diatomaceous earth. It's all natural and very effective at killing bugs. You can find it at your local feed store and online. Make sure you buy a bag of it that's 100% diatomaceous earth, no added fillers or insecticides. Just sprinkle it wherever you know there are bugs. You can start by sprinkling it under your couch and bed, and the backsides of your kitchen counters. 

Now, if you live in an apartment and yo do everything on the list with little success, your neighbors may be to blame. Call your landlord and tell them they need to hire an exterminator. 


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