DIY Home Improvement Ideas for Every Skill Level

Ready for some great home improvement ideas? Try a few of the following this weekend to get your home looking pretty as a picture.
  1. Upgrade your counters - Get a faux granite kit for your kitchen counters. Paint it on for a fabulous looking kitchen.
  2. Make your sinks look fabulous again - Recaulk your kitchen and bathroom sinks. The old, cracked caulking is not a good look.
  3. Add a chandelier - Chandeliers aren't just for dining rooms. They also add charm and sparkle to bathrooms and bedrooms. 
  4. Repaint and repaint some more - Your walls look dirty not because they are dirty, but because the paint is old. Apply a fresh coat of paint to every room of your home.
  5. Stain glass windows - Add stain glass window film to any window in your home for a touch of elegance.
  6. Backplash in the kitchen - Add a brightly colored tile backslash behind your kitchen sink or stove for a nice pop of color. Since they are the most used areas in your kitchen, you'll notice it the most. 
  7. Get a new shower head - Upgrade your bathroom with a new shower head. It'll look nicer and if you get a large one you'll enjoy better showers. 
  8. Paint your front door - You don't have to paint your entire home to make it look new. Choose a bold color and paint your door with it. You'll love the new pop of color.
  9. Get a new doormat - Have you had the same doormat in front of your front door for the last 10 years. It's to get a new one. Throw the old one away and go shopping for a new one. 
  10. Get a new mailbox - Do you have a plain metal mailbox in front of your home? Get a new ornate one from a home decor store today. If you don't want to get rid of your entire mailbox, just get a mailbox cover. Floral patterns always look nice. 
  11. Add some hanging flower baskets - Want an easy garden to maintain? Put up some hanging baskets with lots of flowers in them. If you want to attract butterflies and hummingbirds fill them with salvia, lantana, and verbena.
  12. Redo your doors - Paint the doors in your home fun colors. You can also wallpaper them or stencil them. 
  13. Replace your door knobs - Are your doorknobs dull? Replace them with crystal doorknobs for a touch of fancy.
  14. Get new numbers - Upgrade your home numbers with new brightly colored numbers from the hardware store.
  15. Paint an accent wall - Make any room more interesting by creating an accent wall. Just paint one wall a different color from all of the rest. You can also wallpaper one wall. 


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