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How to Tell if You Need Synthetic Grass

Every homeowner is different and has unique preferences for their front yard and backyard. Some prefer natural grass, and others prefer synthetic grass. Synthetic grass definitely has its advantages. If you’re not sure if you’re informed enough to make the switch to this kind of grass, you can use this post as your helpful guide. Read it over and when you’re done, you’ll know if a professional synthetic grass installation is right for your domestic needs and lifestyle.
You Might Need Synthetic Grass if You Synthetic grass is becoming more popular by the day. Here’s a few ways to tell if it’s right for you: You don’t enjoy mowing your front yard or your backyard.You don’t like watering your lawn every day during the summer months.You don’t care to bend down to pull weeds out of the ground.You don’t want to spray insecticides on your lawns, because you care about the environment and you want to make sure the birds in your yard have something to eat.You don’t want to pay for lawn fertili…

The Plumbing Repair Tools Every Home Needs

There’s nothing like planning all of the fun activities of a vacation. Where will you stay? Where will you eat? What will you do while you get away from it all? But here’s the big question. How do you get your home ready? More importantly, how do you prepare all of your plumbing so you don’t have to call your local emergency plumber when you get back from you beautiful vacation. After all no one likes to come back to a flooded basement, clogged toilet, or a sink that won’t turn on after dipping their feet in the sand all week. Now, if you want your plumbing to still be intact after you get back from vacation, use the tips in this article to make a little plumbing checklist for yourself.

Look Ma, No Bad Smells

If you plan on cooking the day before you leave, your kitchen may not smell all too pretty when you get back from your tropical destination. If you want to prevent that from happening here’s what you need to do:
Pour a cup of liquid dish washing soap down your kitchen drain.Pour a …

When to Get a New Garage Door Opener

You may not know this but your garage door is the largest entrance into your home and the largest moving part of your home. That’s two great reasons to seriously consider professional garage door opener repair as part of your yearly home maintenance list. After all, your garage door can weigh as much as 200 pounds. You don’t want to risk it ever falling down. Calling a local garage door repairman is one thing. Knowing when to call to replace your garage door opener is quite another. You don’t have to think to hard on this one, because we’ve outlined what you need to know in order to make an informed decision when replacing your garage door opener.

Did You Hear That?

Your garage door opener shouldn’t be making a tremendous amount of noise. Now, the older models are a lot noisier than the new models, but you shouldn’t hear any straining noises. If your garage door is making a lot of straining noise, it’s probably time to have a new one installed. If it’s been unceremoniously loud since…

How to Protect the Exterior of Your Home During a New Roof Installation

Getting a new roof installation can be messy business, even if your roofing contractor is immaculate. You just can’t prevent the mess that it creates. After all, before your new roof is installed, the old one has to be removed. That creates a lot of dust and debris. However, you don’t want to rely solely on your roofer to make sure the exterior of your home looks good after your new roof is up. There are things you can take care of now to make sure your home and garden look fine when you’re getting a new roof.

Cover Up Your Garden

You may have a tough garden, but most plants can’t withstand the dust and debris that will come off of your roof during the installation. That’s why you should cover them. Here what to do:

Get an ample amount of tarp.You’ll need enough to cover all of your plants.Measure how long and wide your garden is.That’s how much tarp you’ll need.If you can’t get your hands on some tarp, you can use bed sheets, but it won’t be as effective.Put up plastic or wooden stake…

How to Easily Make Your Carpets Smell Fresh

Is there a lingering odor in your home that you can’t seem to get rid off? If you already took out the trash, did all of the laundry, cleaned your sheets, and cleaned out your sink, it may be your carpets. If the smell is really offensive to your nostrils you may want to call a professional carpet cleaner service. If not, here are some carpet cleaning tips to help you freshen your carpets at home. Sprinkle on Some All  Natural Baking Soda Baking soda will absorb nearly any odor or smell. You just need the right amount and time to let it set. Here’s what we suggest:
Figure on one pound of baking soda for an average sized carpeted room. If your rooms are a lot larger than that double that amount. If you’re rooms are very small, divide that amount in half. Sprinkle the baking soda over the carpet and let it sit for 24 hours. After the 24 hours are up, vacuum up all of the baking soda. Your carpets should smell a lot fresher once you do this. You can repeat this every day, until the smell is…

How to Keep Your Home Bug Free

Are you tired of laying out bug traps in your home? Are you sick of seeing ants in your kitchen in the morning? Do you want to part company with the roaches that keep you company at night? If you follow the simple steps in this article, you'll significantly decrease the amount of creepy crawlers in your home.

How to Kick the Bugs Out

Put your leftovers away - When you're done eating anything, put it in the refrigerator immediately. If you leave food out on your counter overnight you will attract bugs.No dishes after sundown - When you're done eating for the day, you need to wash all of your dishes. A sinkful of dirty dishes left out overnight is a bug's wet dream. Just make all of your dishes are clean at the end of every night.Dry before you put away - Bugs are attracted to water. That's why you need to dry everything before you put it away. Keep those bugs thirsty.Keep your garbage small - You don't need a big garbage bin in your kitchen. Not only will you sti…