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How to Keep Your Toilet Clog Free

Are you sick of plunging your toilet 24/7? Well, if you find yourself with a constantly clogged toilet, you're probably treating your toilet like a garbage can. Here's a helpful list of what you shouldn't ever flush down your toilet.

Don't Flush These Items Down Your Toilet

Paper towels - You may be out of toilet paper, but paper towels will clog your toilet. If you need to use them, put them in a plastic grocery bad and throw them away in the dumpster. Tampons - These are going to bunch up in your pipes and make a big clog. Sanitary napkins - These are going to soak up water and make a tremendous clog. Used condoms - These puppies are going to balloon up and laugh at you when you try to flush your toilet. Cotton balls - Not only do they absorb makeup, they absorb water and clog your toilet. Q-tips - Great for cleaning your ears, nose, and belly button. Not so good if you ever want to flush your toilet anytime in the near future. Floss - One piece of floss will start a …

Tips for Cleaning Your Wooden Floors Naturally

If you have wooden floors in your home and you want to make them sparkle naturally, you can follow the tips in this blog post to do just that.

All Natural Floor Cleaning Tips

Sweep your floors first - You'll have a way easier time if you sweep your floors before you mop. So, get that done before you start mopping. First clean it with hot soapy water - Take a bucket and a gallon bucket and add hot tap water and 5 spoons of dish soap. if you're out of dish soap, use shampoo or laundry detergent. Give it a swirl with a wooden spoon and get to mopping. Have a rinse bucket as well - Don't put your dirty mop in your clean soapy mop water. Have a separate bucket with clean water to rinse your mop. If you don't have a separate bucket, just rinse your mop in your kitchen sink(or nearby bathroom sink or shower) before you put your mop back in your clean soapy water. Your soapy water will last a lot longer if you do it this way. Rinse with hot water and vinegar - Pour out your soa…

DIY Home Improvement Ideas for Every Skill Level

Ready for some great home improvement ideas? Try a few of the following this weekend to get your home looking pretty as a picture.
Upgrade your counters - Get a faux granite kit for your kitchen counters. Paint it on for a fabulous looking kitchen.Make your sinks look fabulous again - Recaulk your kitchen and bathroom sinks. The old, cracked caulking is not a good look.Add a chandelier - Chandeliers aren't just for dining rooms. They also add charm and sparkle to bathrooms and bedrooms. Repaint and repaint some more - Your walls look dirty not because they are dirty, but because the paint is old. Apply a fresh coat of paint to every room of your home.Stain glass windows - Add stain glass window film to any window in your home for a touch of elegance.Backplash in the kitchen - Add a brightly colored tile backslash behind your kitchen sink or stove for a nice pop of color. Since they are the most used areas in your kitchen, you'll notice it the most. Get a new shower head - Upgr…